Take a trend tour at Stationery Show London

Once again visitors to this year’s Stationery Show London will be able to join a ‘Trend Tour’ of the show, to be shown specific products which each epitomise one of the key consumer and design trends the stationery sector will see developing in 2020.

Each tour, which takes around 40 minutes, is led either by futurist Victoria Redshaw or trend forecaster Laura Greenwood, both of trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus.

“By using products available now, we can illustrate the types of ideas, items, colours and textures of each trend and give buyers specific examples of how each trend will manifest itself, what their customers will be drawn to and how to attract new customers,” explains Victoria.

There will be four tours each day, each catering for up to eight visitors, and the team also offers team tours for individual companies which can be booked outside the standard times.

The Scarlet Opus team, who are also creating a Stationery Trends Hub display at the show, have identified four global consumer and design trends to focus on this year:

The Traveller – will be a key trend for Christmas 2019. It is a future thinking yet traditional trend, reflecting consumers’ desires to optimistically look ahead to a calmer, more stable era. The idea of establishing fairness, transparency in all things and restoring balance and order is key.

The Game Changer is a trend that sees consumer interest in strengthening the connection between sustainability and technology to achieve environmental improvements. A desire for clean air, clean oceans, clean energy and clean living will drive how products and services are developed.

Satori – next summer’s Olympics in Japan will boost worldwide interest in Japanese culture and influences. Satori, or ‘the experience of seeing into one’s true nature’ is a key part of this. It encourages consumers to find a natural rhythm and balance in order to cope with the complexities of modern life and the distractions of the online world.

Fellowship – this trend promotes the power of the collective. It has a global outlook and celebrates cultural diversity and placing ethics at the centre of decision making. It is experimental, colourful and joyous; showcasing a cultural mix of ideas.

To find out more about these consumer and design trends and how they will play out in the Stationery sector, visitors can either join a Trend Tour, visit the Trends Hub or sit in on one of the trends talks by the Scarlet Opus team. To find out more, please visit the ‘What’s On’ section of the Stationery Show London’s website at

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