Premier Decorations Ltd awarded FSC Certification

With environmental issues at the forefront of many consumer spending decisions, corporate responsibility is high on the agenda for Premier Decorations Ltd; and the company is delighted to announce its award of FSC® Chain of Custody certification.

This certification demonstrates a continued chain of custody from forest to consumer, ensuring that the wood used has been produced from well managed forests and/or recycled materials.

Shazad Kaleem, quality assurance manager for Premier Decorations, explains: “There is widespread concern for the sustainability of the world’s forests and when consumers see the FSC® logo on a product, they can buy with confidence that they are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come. Premier’s accreditation means that our customers can request that the FSC® branding be included on their products.

“Whilst this doesn’t mean that all of the products we currently sell will become FSC® certified; we are now able to source and offer it for those customers who require their products to be FSC® certified.”

For more information about adding FSC® branding to your products, contact the Premier Decorations team on 020 8624 5555 or email:


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