Giftware Association New Competition

The Giftware Association is excited to announce a new and exciting competition for the industry, partnering with award winning tech company, The Insights People and using the combined knowledge and expertise to create a competition which will be judged by the end consumers and focusing on kids and parents. They are both proud to introduce the Kids Gift of The Year award and Parents Gift of The Year award

The awards will run alongside The GA’s successful Gift of The Year competition, but rather than an industry judging panel featuring buyers and retailers, the final decision on the winners will be made by the kids and parents, ultimately the end consumers, creating a whole new audience for the products to be judged by. The new competitions will run throughout the year and compared to the existing entry options, will award seasonal winners across Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter providing multiple opportunities for successes to be recognised and creating fantastic exposure for companies looking to promote their products and ranges to get a totally different viewpoint of their gifts.

The exciting collaboration between The GA and The Insights People arose from a mutually shared interest in supporting the Industry. The Insights People are a Manchester-based tech company which surveys 20,000 different children and 10,000 different parents in the UK each year. They already write for trade magazines, provide industry reports and work with global brands such as Disney and the BBC. The GA similarly supports the Industry through their Gift of the year Competition, Meet The Buyer days, trade shows, government lobbying and a host of services and benefits to help their members adapt to the changing socio-economic environment.

“We have been looking at ways to grow Gift of the Year to be more than the annual competition it is, and hopefully create something that is all year round, celebrating all the fantastic products we see at all the shows we visit. Our conversations with The Insights People in how we can work together to support our members quickly grew organically into the new competitions that we are due to launch. We are extremely excited to be working alongside The Insights People as we share the same ethos in supporting the industry.” Sarah Ward, CEO, The Giftware Association

Nick Richardson, CEO of The Insights People, added: “Since launching The Insights People in 2017 we have gained fantastic traction working with brands and publishers. We are already welcoming several major retailers for 2019 and are excited to be launching an award that reflects consumer opinion and gives an extra level of confidence to those launching new products and pitching to buyers”

Entries for both awards will be open from the beginning of December and will run throughout the year. Companies can choose to enter both the awards or just one and for the number of seasons required, giving them a chance to enter different products throughout the year when new products become available. The winners will receive an industry report, marketing collateral to shout about their win and the chance to attend a networking lunch with buyers and industry peers as well as their winning products joining the stand in the Gift of the Year pavilion at Spring Fair.

To find out more please visit and for more information.

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