New licenses for Groovy

Groovy is enjoying a very exciting period at the moment having just signed brand new licenses such as Frida Kahlo, Mr. Men, Brandalised, Jimmy The Bull and Gudatama, boosting the creativity and unique style of Groovy, alongside growing new product areas within their licenses. Frida, celebrated internationally for her unique style, mixing realism with fantasy. Beautiful print and pattern come together on a collection of bags, ceramics and homeware and her love of plants and parrots have inspired their 1st range. Home and dining is always a key area and with the success of The Bake-Off TV series. The trend for home cooking and all the accessories that go with it are hot property! Nice dining ware becomes important and we all have our little way of showing off and Groovy will certainly do this with their new ranges next year. Visit the website for more information

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