25 years in the business for Glebe Cottage

The Eco-friendly Card Company, Glebe Cottage, celebrates its 25th anniversary this September with festivities due to kick off at the NEC Autumn Fair (4F44) where the publisher will be giving away twenty five boxes of champagne chocolates! It’s twenty-five years since art student / photographer Scott Morrish set up card publisher Glebe Cottage Studio (now known as The Eco-friendly Card Co) in order to support his passion for photography. With a plan that barely scraped a ‘D’ in A-level business studies he obtained a small bank loan sufficient to set up an ‘office’ in his bedroom (in his parents’ house - the original Glebe Cottage) and a darkroom in a garden shed.With the additional support of the Princes Youth Business Trust the first four Glebe Cottage cards were created, featuring images of wild Dartmoor scenes. For the first few years when Scott wasn't in the darkroom, or wandering the moors with his large format camera, he drove around rural Devon selling his cards of local views out of a banana box in the back of his rusty Datsun Sunny car.
Things have moved on a long way since then. Glebe Cottage was the first publisher to switch to compostable packaging back in 2006, and the first direct-to-retail publisher to obtain FSC® certification. In 2008, it became the UK’s first CarbonNeutral® greetings card company* and won Gold for environmental best practice in printing and publishing at the Green Apple Awards. Glebe Cottage went on to scoop top prize in the product category at the BCE Environmental Leadership Awards in 2010 and more recently introduced cards printed on 50% recycled ‘coffee-cup’ waste.

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