Juicy new collections -

Lucy, from Juicy Lucy, tells us about her exciting new of greeting card collections:

“Whilst the  brand remains a well loved classic, I felt the time was right to extend the range. My first two collections, Saucy Scribbles and Flipping Gorgeous are easily identifiable as my work. Whilst Flipping Gorgeous is a more delicate and pretty range, Saucy Scribbles has a boldly coloured retro palette and is wonderfully cheeky. I do love being cheeky.
With both of these ranges I think we have really captured the essence of Juicy Lucy but created it in a way that adds a new dimension to its appeal.

The initial reaction to them has been great and I am thrilled that they have both been selected by Paperchase; we have a pretty flittered Flipping Gorgeous collection for Mother’s Day and the Saucy Scribbles are in for both Valentine’s Day & Everyday cards.

I have been able to collaborate with local designers in Wales to create all these new collection: Naughty Nigel and Meliflora, which has been a great experience. Meliflora and I have had great fun over the last couple of months, while my dog, Ruby Slippers, plays with her house rabbit, Parsnip. (O.K, not as idyllic as it sounds).
Meliflora and I have created two ranges Old Bean and Fruity. Old Bean is for males, and it is so refreshing for me to design cards for men that really look like men’s cards! The wording on classic Juicy Lucy cards has always been quintessentially British and so it was natural for me to create the jolly good copy for the cards. Try as we did to resist, we had to add the moustaches. What is it about moustaches? Fruity also has a retro feel, and it is themed around friendship and wine. Subjects both dear to my heart.
We also have lots of beautiful Juicy Lucy Classic Cards, Gifts & Stationery which are bouncing with joy and happiness!”

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