Terramundi celebrates 20 years

Back in the winter of 1997 Jacquie and Dario had an idea which turned out to be the start of Terramundi Money Pots. 
Dario, a Londoner of Italian parents, took Jacquie, his Australian partner, on holiday to Italy, where he had grown up seeing locally thrown pots used to save money. During the holiday they looked at these with fresh eyes and started to see the many possibilities the pots might offer. They hit upon the idea of painting and selling the pots in London for the Christmas markets.
Loading the car up with as many pots as they could afford, they travelled home to Kentish Town in London and started to decorate the pots by hand, in the same way the design team still does today.
That weekend Jacquie queued up at the Jubilee Market in Covent Garden hoping to get a pitch while Dario stood by ready to stock the stand from the car. Thankfully they were successful, albeit in what was commonly referred to as the ‘death alley’ of the market.  
Jacquie manned the stand and with growing delight saw the stock sell, to the point where they had nothing left for the following day. That night they painted and decorated dozens more pots whilst listening to the music of Dario’s then band ‘Mario’s Café’ which played gigs in the Camden Area. Sadly, Marios Café after initial success did not survive these past 20 years, happily the money pots have.  
Over the coming months, possibly over a drink or two, the name Terramundi was formed and Jacquie and Dario’s ambition for their product grew, as did the demand. 
To an extent the rest is history, but Terramundi’s success has never been taken for granted by Jacquie and Dario. They have consistently innovated with design, and constantly maintain the highest levels of quality, production, distribution and customer service. Jacquie and Dario have also diversified into other business areas over the years, but Terramundi remains the much loved and first joint venture.
With the 20th Anniversary of that first Covent Garden success fast approaching their commitment to the design and quality associated with Terramundi is as strong as ever and they are all looking forward to the next 20 years with great anticipation.  See the latest collection at Autumn Fair Hall 3 Stand U21.
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